Charles & Betty

Dear Birth Mother,

Hello, our names are Charles and Betty. We would like to start by saying THANK YOU for reading our letter and considering our family! This opportunity is something that means the world to us and will be forever grateful for. We both feel that what you are doing must be very difficult, but at the same time hopefully gives you peace of mind. To know that this child is going to be in a loving, caring home, and be provided for throughout their life. Also that this child will be given every opportunity to live a happy, and productive life.

We met in 1995, 18 years ago, and have been together ever since. We live a fairly active life and take care of our health. Charles owns and operates an electrical contracting company, and Betty works as a medical professional. We have always been very responsible people, working hard to achieve what we have. We both feel work is important to insure that our family is secure, but family is what our lives focus around

Our weekends are typically spent with both sides of our families. Often celebrating at a birthday party, or a relaxing backyard BBQ. Since our family is quite large and diverse, there is always something going on. We are both very grateful to be able to spend so much time with them and always look forward to these times.

Both of our families are looking forward to our newest addition. From Grandmothers and Grandfathers, to Uncles and Aunts, to Nieces and Nephews, all will be waiting with open arms and open hearts. We are blessed to have many children in our family, so there are many instant friends and older children to look up to. We are looking forward to having a child of our own to add to this great family!

Betty loves helping others. She has worked extremely hard throughout her life and strives to do better. Betty will be a stay at home mom when we have our child and can’t wait for her new job as a mommy. She was born and raised in Southern California and has a very large family. We look forward to having a family of our own. We have always wanted children ever since we were young. Growing up we always had our family around and never a dull moment with us.

Charles was born and raised in Southern California. He had a great childhood full of great times and a loving family. He has been looking forward to the opportunity of becoming a father for a very long time and looks forward to raising a child and teaching them the values that his parents taught him.

Betty has nieces and nephews that brighten our day every time we see them,if we are having a bad day they put a smile back on our faces just being together.They are our world! We can’t wait to bring a child into our wonderful family.
We are both in a place in our lives where we are completely ready for a child. We have done the work to establish ourselves so that Betty will be able to stay at home when I am at work. I feel this is very important to Betty, and not have the baby in day care or in stranger’s hands.

We both want to extend our best wishes to you and truly appreciate you taking the time to read about us and our great family. We can only imagine what a difficult decision this must be. Please rest assured that we do not take this lightly and are in a place in our lives where a child would truly complete it. Your child could not be in better hands. From being around family with children, and spending so much time with them, we know and appreciate what it takes to raise a child, and we look forward to it.

God bless you with this decision.
Thank you.
Charles and Betty
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