Chad & Veronica

Dear Birth Mother,

Words cannot express our gratitude and respect for the heartfelt, selfless decision you are deciding on making for your un-born child. We can only try to understand the difficulty in the decision that lie ahead for you. Most importantly, we want you to know, adoption has always been a part of our plan since we started dating, back in 2005. I, Veronica, as an adopted child, adopted by a wonderful and supportive family, grew up in a skating rink and got to roller skate all of my growing up years. I am way too excited to buy little baby roller skates… and get to teach him or her how to roller skate, like I did. Chad and I both knew in some Devine way adoption was inevitably a part of our future. We have embraced our journey of becoming a family and parents through open Love. We’re over the moon excited for what the future holds for us, on expanding our family with a beautiful gift of life.

We have an amazing support system of family and friends. We are very fortunate they all live nearby and they are all excited for our future family and to see our dreams come true. I, Chad, have so many fond memories of camping, boating and riding dirt bikes on the weekends, growing up with my family and friends and can’t wait to share those and make new memories with our little one. We all have a tremendous amount of love and affection to offer the child chosen for us and our families. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for considering us to adopt your baby. You would be giving us the gift of life.

If you want to learn more about us, please call Little Angel Adoptions at (888) 281-8948.

With all our love and support,

Chad and Veronica