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Bryan & Jessica

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A Letter To You...

Dear expectant parent(s),

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and considering us as partners in this journey. We cannot begin to know how you’re feeling, but rest assured, we will do everything in our power to support you and your little one.

About Us

We are Bryan and Jessica. We have been together for ten years and happily married for 8 of those years. During our time together, life has led us down many paths toward our goal of starting a family. Adoption has always held a big part of our hearts. Jessica’s parents welcomed a son into their family 23 years ago, adopted from Korea when he was 6 months old.

Children are a huge part of our lives. We love being uncle and auntie to our niece and nephew whom we’re very close with. We’ve also spent the last year fostering infants in need of our love and support. At this time, we’re ready to make the move from fostering to providing a forever home for your little one.

Bryan is an engineer by day, photographer by weekend. He is both career driven and family oriented, balancing the two harmoniously. He enjoys building things and working with his hands.

Jessica has worn many hats…gymnastics coach, intern in a labor and delivery department as well as a pediatric office, and most recently, a stay-at-home mommy when we were fostering infants. This is particularly important to us as we feel that full-time love and affection is crucial during the formative years. She is the nurturing type. Auntie Jess, to her friends’ children, whom with she gets together on a regular basis.

Together, our values hold family in the highest regard with education, activity, and travel at the forefront. We were both raised in small towns with a spiritual approach to life and community.

We live in Northern California near some of the best schools available. Our parents and extended families live close, with some in town and most less than two hours away. We love big family get-togethers on the holidays and regularly vacation with some or all of our loved ones.

Our home is situated on a large lot with plenty of room for play structures and tree forts. Our Australian Shepherd mix loves little ones and is excited to be a big fur brother one day soon.

We look forward to meeting and getting to know you.  To learn more about us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at 888-281-8948.

Bryan and Jessica

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