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A Letter To You...

Dear Birthmother,

We are Bill and Kelly, and although we have not met, we have so much respect for the decision that you have made to choose adoption for your baby.  As one of the many couples who cannot conceive a child, we thank you for choosing life for your baby.

Our love story began 13 years ago, when we were introduced by mutual friends.  Our first date consisted of playing tennis in the morning followed by an afternoon on the boat, and our lives have been filled with playing outdoors ever since.  Since getting married 11 years ago, we dreamed of the day that we could play outdoors with our child, and offer our child a fulfilling life of love, fun, opportunity, and travel.  Four years ago we became parents when we adopted our son as a newborn, and this has brought us a level of fulfillment, happiness, and purpose that we never knew was possible.  We still spend our free time outdoors, but now that includes going to soccer practices and games, swimming, going to the beach, and playing sports and games as a family.

We recently moved to a larger home in anticipation of growing our family.  We now have a 4-bedroom home with an upstairs play room for the children, and our home is in a neighborhood filled with young families and children. Our backyard is perfect for our family.  We have a pool and large lawn, as well as a golf area.  There are numerous parks and playgrounds nearby, and our community has numerous family activities.

Family is the most important thing to us.  In fact, Kelly truly fell in love with Bill after watching the way that he cares for and treats his mother.  Bill’s extended family lives within a few hours from us, and we spend lots of time with them.  Kelly’s dad lives on the east coast but visits 7-8 times per year.  We host Thanksgiving for Bill’s family at our home each year (luckily Bill’s mom does most of the cooking!).  Kelly’s dad spends Christmas and birthdays with us as well.  One of the ways that we are blessed is that our families have become incredibly close friends, and getting the whole family together during the holiday season is one of our most special occasions.

God truly blessed us in becoming a family of three, as it has been a dream-come-true to have a child to love and nurture.  We also realize that we have more love to give to another child, and have prayed for God to help guide us to adopting another child.  Should you choose us as parents, this baby that you are carrying will grow up learning that your decision was based on love.  We have so much happiness in our lives, but we feel that sharing our lives with a second child is God’s plan.  We hope you will help us make this dream come true.

With Love and Respect,

Bill and Kelly

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