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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Parents,

Our names are Ari and Jessica.

Thank you for reading this. Communication is usually one of our strong points , but this is not a “usual” time, we guess, for either you or us, so this is a challenge to write. 

Adoption is close to our hearts since Jessica is an adoptee, arriving in her new family as an infant. Her birth mother is considered part of our family now too! Our relationship with her has confirmed what we suspected–that birth parents are incredibly brave. 

What first comes to mind is that the family you choose is one of the best things that comes your way out of a situation that very likely sucks. 

Your baby is wonderful, even if circumstances do not always allow for the natural parents to celebrate in the usual way.

We promise to love your child, to care for and protect it. To give it a family that supports and makes it feel important.

 We are both blessed to have solid, supportive families with whom we spend time with often.

Ari’s folks were married 40 yrs before they passed away; Jessica’s have been married 50 yrs. and counting. We have been married 7 and are still best friends who love the fact we fell in love.

We are pretty excited to parent another child, even though we are realistic about how much work kids are. 

Our daughter Ivy happened after fertility treatments, and our lives became so much more interesting! 

There is a small herd of babies and small kids for every holiday, each of which is now NOISY and happy.

If you have more questions and want to consider us as possible parents for your child please call Little Angels. 

Blessings to you, Ari and Jessica

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