Angel & Aaron

A letter to the Birthmother,

We would love to introduce our family to you, and we are excited that you chose to read our letter! We are loving family who has always wanted to adopt a little one as Angel her-self was adopted. We have three biological children Gabriel who is seventeen and an aspiring starving artist. He plays the guitar and enjoys taking Aikido classes. Hannah who just got put on pointe in Ballet and plans on being a lawyer or an FBI Agent. She tends to be our busy bee and is also enjoying starting a career in acting, has a manager and even managed to land a couple auditions with Disney. (I kid you not the girl has a twenty year plan already) who just turned thirteen, and Daniel (who we have nicknamed Day) who is four and loves to help Mickey Mouse solve mysteries on Micky Mouse Club house.

Aaron, as you will find has his master’s degree in electrical engineering and is currently working for a company that contracts out to the Department of Defense. His job allows us to travel frequently with our whole family and we have been to Boston, New Mexico, Arizona, Main, Australia, England, and Paris. We also have a trip to Singapore coming up and are going to Paris once again. We joke that our youngest must hit a new Continent every year of his life.

Angel is much like her aspiring Artist teenage son but is also going to school on-line to get her master’s degree in psychology with a minor in American Sign Language. Her hope and goals are to someday be able to help those that are hearing impaired be able to more easily integrate into society and make sure that they don’t feel cut off from the people around them.

Our family is largely biracial, with Angels aunt Sophie and a large amount of her cousins all being Hispanic, her mother in law is from the Philippines, and her adopted brother is Iranian. We deeply believe all cultures and ethnicities are beautiful and unique and do our best to make sure that each has its time to be celebrated.  My aunt Sophie helps our children learn Spanish, we always enjoy Filipino food for the holidays, and we celebrate Norouz (Person New Year) every year with my adopted brother and his family.

We strongly believe that education is vital but are also willing to work with every child we have on both their strengths and their weaknesses and understand how important love and understanding are to a child’s growth. We also both have a deep belief in God, and a faith that all of us are created equally and lovingly. We believe that faith is a deeply personal journey and that though we are there to guide we are not there to in force and command how they will see religion and belief.

We hope that you enjoy your journey through our book and that you are at peace with what ever decision you make.

If you would like to learn more about our family please call Little Angel Adoptions at (888) 281-8948.

With warmest regards and love,

The Jensen Family