Angel & Aaron

Lovingly to the Birth Mother, 

How does one sit down and try to convince another woman that you would be the best choice of a mother for the little one that they are carrying? I’ve been sitting here staring at this word document for almost two hours and the words seemed almost stuck. Which is a new sensation for me, as a writer I almost never run out of words.  

I suppose that the way to begin would be with simple facts. My husband and I have known each other since we were twelve, been together since we were sixteen, and have been married for sixteen years. That we have disagreements but strongly believe that no real argument had been settled by yelling or rage. In all our years we’ve never raised our voices at each other or our children. My husband graduated from Stanford, and I am a student working towards my Psychology degree with a minor in American Sign Language.  I would think that the next thing to write would be about our children. That Gabe is sixteen and amazingly kind, Hannah is almost twelve and incredibly sassy and sweet, and that Day is turning 3 and is in love with all things car and airplane.   

However I think the answer is, in spite of all these facts and all this information, that you cannot convince someone who is making this incredibly hard, and unbelievably brave decision that they are making they right choice. I will however say this. I understand what it means to be adopted. 

I was adopted at the age of twelve, it saved my life. I will also tell you that I, more then most, understand what it means to be family. Family isn’t about blood ties. It isn’t about who helped make you, who you’re related to, who’s face shape you have, or what color eyes you share with someone else. Family is about who wakes up for you when you cry, who’s there to hold your hand when you take that first step, or pick you up when you fall off your bike.  

The one thing that I can promise you is that I, my husband Aaron, our children, the people who we have around us, we will all make the choice that should you be willing to give us this incredible gift we will always know and remember that they were not given to us thoughtlessly. They will know we did not take that gift blindly. They will know that no matter what we will always and forever choose them. 

I will close with this. The choice you are making is incredibly hard and no matter what may come, you are so incredibly brave.  

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Aaron & Angel