Andy & Liz

Dear Birth Parent

Hi, we are Andy and Liz. Thank you for reading a bit more about us. We hope you are doing well. We can’t imagine what you are going through but feel grateful that you are making such an incredible decision to allow someone to become a parent. We look forward to being parents as soon as possible. We feel that we are in a point in our life that we can offer a stable, loving, and fun filled environment for a child to flourish.

We have been happily married for 10 years but have been together for 15 years. Time flies. We met while in college but not at school, which is amazing since we both went to the same college and were both Business majors. We met in Mexico, of all places, while on spring break with our friends. It was meant to be, we’ve been together ever since. We purchased our home 3 years later and then married 3 years after that. We truly enjoy being together but give each other room to be independent as well.

We would love to have a child in our life. We ran into our own infertility issues and were not able to get pregnant. We chose not to continue with infertility procedures like IVF. We knew adoption was the right path for us. A child is the missing part of our family. We would like to guide him/her to grow up to be a happy, friendly, and responsible young man/woman. We look forward to teaching, playing, and being with our child. We spend a lot of time with our friend’s kids and the kids in our family. We know there is a lot of work but there is also a lot of joy in raising a child. We have the love and support of our friends/family to help us and they are very supportive of our decision to adopt.

More about Liz:
I’m the oldest child of four siblings. I have a step brother and half brother and half sister. I was so thrilled to have siblings as I’m 8 years older than my half sister. I come from a large Mexican family both my parents have 9 siblings each, so I have a ton of cousins. I’m also lucky that most of my family lives near me, so there’s a celebration almost every weekend. My parents have been married more than 25 years and live about 15 minutes from our home. My parents are retired, my dad was a teacher and my mom worked at the school. I was able to travel many summers and spent lots of time in Mexico. I also speak Spanish and want to teach it to our child. I work at a high tech company in Human Resources. I enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures. And I love the NFL (national football league) which surprises people since I look like a girlie girl. I just love the game and remember many weekends with my father watching the games on TV.

More about Andy:
I’m the youngest. I have an older brother and more recently a younger stepbrother. My parents live within 15 minutes from our home. My mom is retired and my dad is an eye doctor. I have been working with my dad for over 15 years; I run the business side of the practice. I really enjoy soccer. I have been playing basically all my life. I also volunteer for a Major League Soccer team. I sometimes work with the kids to prepare them to be ball boys/girls during the game. I like to work around the house, whether it’s yard work or fixing something. I’m also a very social person and enjoy being around friends and family. I think I’m funny, well at least I make myself laugh.

We may come from different backgrounds but we love that about each other. Our families have melted together and we can have up to 35 people at our house for Thanksgiving.

We live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath home with plenty of room in the backyard to play. We also have a great park just across the street. Our neighborhood is safe and has great schools. We are centrally located and take many walks to the shops and restaurants near our home. We also have a 2 year old dog named Lexi. She is a Shar-Pei, one of those wrinkled dogs. She has been well socialized; she goes to daycare, and loves kids. She can’t wait to have a human playmate.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us. We wish you the best in whatever decision you make.

Take care,
Andy and Liz (and Lexi too)