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A Letter To You...

Dear expecting parent,

It is an honor to have this opportunity to tell you how much we admire you and how many times we give thanks to God for the gift of having you in our lives. We know that you are only looking for what is best for your child and we can guarantee you that your baby will be loved deeply and will be raised to be a person who will make this world a better place.

It might be hard to believe, but Adrian and I (Paula) fell in love in a hospital room, after a heart arrhythmia. We were dating for a week and, that day, Adrian was driving me back to my apartment in Miami. As soon as I entered my apartment I went completely pale and almost fell. Adrian was the one who carried me to the emergency room at the nearest hospital and there – while preparing me to be treated – the nurses told me “your husband needs your social security number”; while others asked him “what is your wife’s date of birth?”… As you can see, we were meant to be together from the very beginning.

I was hospitalized for 10 days that were some of the happiest days of my life! Because there, in a hospital room, with no makeup or nice outfit, Adrian fell in love with me; with what really defines me as a person: my cheerfulness –even in the worst situation –, my optimism, my perseverance, my capacity to love others, my hope and my faith… And I was able to see, in very little time, what in regular circumstances would have taken me years to see: Adrian’s generosity and big heart! His attention to details, his spirit of service, his care for others before himself, his support for the ones in need and so much more!

We want you to know all about the family who wants to adopt your child and love him/her more than anything else in this world!

He loves to read and has always been an excellent student. He is an efficient worker who likes to finish every project with perfection, and has achieved an important career in the health industry by his perseverance and personal effort. But above all, he likes to improve the life of the people his company touches: the patients. He does not realize how wonderful he is because he is a humble man who enjoys the little things in life. He has friends who love him and colleagues who respect him.

She is an entrepreneur by heart. As a child she began selling the fruit that her mom bought in the supermarket or the shoes of the entire family. Now she has her own company in the fashion industry with the mission of elevating human dignity through fashion and culture. She is a visionary and has lots of energy. She is the social butterfly who wins hearts in an instant. She is extremely creative and does not need much to be happy.

Our family
We are very united with both sets of our family. While every member of Adrian’s family lives in the US, Paula’s parents and 4 siblings live in South America, Australia and Europe. Our number one priority is our family and the many friends that have become part of our extended family. We love to spend as much time as possible with them. We are there for the joyful times, but also to accompany them when facing problems and hard moments. We laugh together, love each other and pray together.

Our hobbies and interests

  • We love music and culture. Adrian, for example, plays at our city’s Philharmonic Orchestra in Texas and gives 4 concerts a year.
  • We are very involved in our community and committed to help in several ways. While Paula coaches groups of young professionals and mothers, Adrian helps students to apply to University and improve their chances.
  • We love to bike together, travel and organize dinners and karaoke parties with the many people that are part of our life.
  • Faith is what gives meaning to our lives: Our love for God is what gives us strength to face contradictions with peace and hope for the future.

What we promise

  • To love our child unconditionally.
  • To always be there for him/her.
  • To set our child in the right path.
  • To help our child achieve his/her dreams.
  • To be there when he/she needs us.
  • To create a loving family together.

To learn more about us or talk with us please contact: Little Angel Adoptions at 1-888-281-8948.

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