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A Letter To You...

Dear Birth Mother,

It is a great honor for us to have this opportunity to let you know how much we have been praying for you and your baby. My name is Maria Paula, and you cannot begin to imagine the excitement and affection that Adrian (my husband) and I have been waiting to adopt a child to give him/her all the love that is store in our hearts for so many years.

I really hope you are doing well in these uncertain pandemic times. Since the moment we planned to go through this adoption process we immediately began to pray for you and that very special baby. For you, because if there is a way for you to keep this beautiful gift, I ask God to help you exactly in the way that you need to be helped. But if you decided that the best decision for both (you and the baby) is to give this child in adoption, I implore God and you to consider my husband and me as your adoptive family. I promise you that your baby will not be in better hands. The only thing that we want is to give this child is a family where he will be truly and genuinely love; to see him growing into an amazing person and help him to fulfill his own personal dreams and goals… If we have the joy to parent this baby, his happiness and future will become our main priority.

I have received many miracles in my life, but the greatest miracle, the one most valuable; will undeniably be having this baby in our lives. It is possible that he will get tired of the thousands of kisses and hugs that we will give him.

My heart is filled with gratitude for you, your child and the opportunity to having you both in our lives.

All my love and prayers,

Maria Paula & Adrian

ABOUT MARIA PAULA (written by Adrian)

She is superwoman! It’s amazing all that she has accomplished and all that she has plans to do. If it weren’t for her strength, faith, patience, devotion and love, my life would not be as rich as it is. We’ve grown together with her providing many things that I was missing so we make a great team. She is visionary and has a ton of energy. She is very social and wins people’s hearts in an instant. She doesn’t need much to be happy, and she is ALWAYS happy. It’s amazing how positive she is. She will greet you with a huge, beautiful smile as soon as she wakes up and as soon as you get into the car or home. She will give you kisses all over (it will be a shower of kisses). She is just so much fun!


ABOUT ADRIAN (written by Maria Paula)

My heart is filled with admiration and appreciation for Adrian. Since the moment we met in Miami he has been there for me. He supports every decision I make, and helps me through difficult moments that we have face together. He has a rich inner life with many interest and hobbies he cultivates since childhood.

Adrian is an incredible man, generous and thoughtful, who lives aware of other people’s needs and never spares effort to help them. He is a true gentleman who, until this day, opens the door for me and text me just to know how am I doing. Adrian is just very easy to love and impossible to forget!


We love each other from the moment we met and began to date in Miami, and with the years our love have only grow into a deep happy and meaningful relationship that we treasure as one of our most valuable possessions. Our faith gives deep meaning and purpose to our marriage. We look forward to adopt a baby, not because there is something lacking in our marriage, but because we want to share all this happiness that we have with a baby and help him/her to grow into and amazing person.


  • To love our child unconditionally.
  • To always be there for him/her.
  • To set our child in the right path.
  • To help our child achieve his/her dreams.
  • To be there when he/she needs us.
  • To create a loving family together.

To learn more about us or talk with us please contact: Little Angel Adoptions at 1-888-281-8948.

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