Wayne & Angela

Wayne and Angela

Dear Birth Mother,

Our names are Wayne and Angela.  We truly appreciate the thoughtfulness and courage it takes to consider a family for your child.  Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

We have been happily married for several years.  We met on a blind date and realized soon after that we were meant for each other.  We were married with all our family and friends in attendance.  We have struggled to conceive even with medical assistance for several years.  Our desire to have a family and struggles with infertility has led us to adoption.  We are caring and loving people that want to share our lives with a child.

Wayne was born and raised in northern California with his parents and younger brother.  Wayne works for a Tech company.  He is gifted in being able to fix most anything.  Wayne loves spending time with family and our dog Buddy.

Angela was born and raised in northern California with her parents and younger sister.  Angela is a first grade teacher at an elementary school.  Teaching is her gift.  Teaching gives her joy and happiness.  Angela is patient, kind and loves spending time with family.

Our family is our greatest blessing.  Everyone is supportive and encouraging us through this journey.  They are thrilled and excited we have chosen adoption.  Our family’s hearts and arms are open and are looking forward to loving and welcoming a child into our family.  We both come from loving and close families.  We enjoy spending as much time as we can with our 2 nieces and 4 nephews.  Both our parents are celebrating over 44 years of marriage this year.

We live in a small quiet town in northern California.  We own our own home.  Our home is filled with love, laughter, compassion, and stability.  We live in a family friendly neighborhood.  We have two pets.  Sophie is our cat.  She is 16 years old and a sweet heart.  Buddy is our dog.  He is a 4 year old golden retriever.  He is the light and joy in our home.

We are committed to providing a stable, loving, and safe home full of support and encouragement.  We are ready and eager to provide a child a home and experience the joy of being parents.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you make this extremely difficult decision for your child.  We appreciate you taking the time to read our letter.  We hope you will want to learn more about us.   Please contact Little Angel Adoption (888) 281-8948.



Wayne & Angela