Thomas & Brandi

Dear Birth Parent….

Thank you for taking a little time to learn more about us and the family we hope to become. We understand that you have a lot of decisions to make ahead of you and admire the courage and strength you have to be considering adoption.

About Us….

We met online in 2006, just a year after Brandi moved to Los Angeles. Thomas grew up very close to where we currently live. Internet dating was new and we were both nervous and had no idea what to expect. We met for dinner at TGIFriday’s and talked until closing time. Everything was so simple, comfortable and natural. We haven’t gone a day without talking since that first date!

We love the beach and the ocean and all the activities that includes from sailing and picnics to volleyball and walks at sunset. We have a dog beach nearby that we visit with out dogs in the summer. We enjoy performing arts and have season tickets to a nearby theatre. Sports are a huge part of our lives and we rarely agree on teams and enjoy our rivalries. Thursday and/or Monday night football viewing with our neighbors is a regular activity. We spend a lot of time with our friends but also enjoy quiet days at home with our cat, Boo, and two dogs, Ginger and Spyke.

Thomas grew up in Southern California and is the middle child with an older brother and younger sister. He has a corny and sarcastic sense of humor and you can’t help but laugh at his ridiculous jokes. He’s also incredibly creative, caring and hardworking. He loves to fix things and tinker with random stuff around the house and can repair almost anything broken. He has worked for the same aerospace company as an engineer designing radar equipment since he graduated from college and because he has flexible hours he is often able to enjoy Friday afternoons at home.

Brandi grew up in Southwest Michigan and is the youngest child with an older sister. She is very rarely seen without a smile and spends most of her free time either helping friends or finding new adventures to go on. She loves to cook and bake and just hang out with her friends. She is a medical assistant and also a volunteer on multiple committees for the American Diabetes Association. She loves helping people and has a strong desire to make a difference in peoples lives.

Adoption & parenting…

We have talked about having a family since before we got married. Due to previous medical issues for Brandi we are unable to have biological children. So we set out in search of a way to make our dream come true and decided that our journey to being parents would be through adoption. Like every other parent we wonder what our child will be like. Will they bee athletic or artistic or love to read? Will they be shy or outgoing? Whatever their personality is we will cherish every piece of them as we support them and encourage them to be the best version of themselves, no matter what that may mean for them.

Our community, family & friends…

We love where we live! Our city has a small town feel to it yet we are close to all of the excitement that Los Angeles has to offer. We have a park just three blocks away, our church is less than two miles from home and we are a short drive from the beach. We live on a quiet, friendly street. We know our neighbors well and spend many nights with them doing everything from roasting marshmallows to having a game night.

Our friends aren’t just friends, they are an extension of our family and we have the best friends anybody could ever ask for and they are all just waiting for the day they get to be “uncle and auntie”. We are very blessed to such supportive families. Thomas comes from a large family that we are lucky to live close to. Brandi’s family is spread out across the country but we visit them as often as we can and living in Southern California we have become a popular vacation spot and always encourage them to visit.

A few final thoughts…

We are dedicated to raising a child in a home that is full of love, laughter, encouragement, acceptance and support. Our promise to you is that your child will always know how much love and thought went into your decision and that you will always have a very special place in our family.