Shaun & Kurt


We are Kurt, Shaun, and Hayden from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about us. We realize that it takes a lot of strength to consider open adoption, and we are honored to be part of your process. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and supported in this decision and journey.

To raise a happy and secure child, it is our priority that they know that your choice was made out of love, and that they be given the opportunity to develop a relationship with you. We’d love to keep you a part of your baby’s life, in whatever way makes you most comfortable. As our child’s birthmother, you will forever be an important member of our family.

ABOUT KURT (by Shaun)
There are so many words I could use to describe Kurt, but above all others, he is incredibly loving and nurturing. Kurt’s open mindedness and patience give him the ability to take a difficult situation and apply a little logic and insight to find a positive resolution. He’s is also amazingly handy and creative. From piano playing, to woodworking, to his beautiful artwork, he has a knack for problem solving and creativity. He loves spending hours tinkering in his work shed, and when the kids are old enough, he’s excited to teach them home improvement projects. With a natural ability to make children smile and feel loved, he is an amazing father.

Shaun is a charming, funny, and likable Midwest boy with a strong, stable character. One of the things I love most about him is his selflessness. He’ll go out of his way to help a friend, cook a meal, or volunteer to run a local softball team. He is just as content to spend the day cuddling on the couch as he is traveling to visit loved ones. I’ve watched his skill as a father, and I am struck by his nurturing patience. Shaun’s favorite room is the kitchen where he enjoys making birthday cakes, Christmas cookies, and family meals with our family. Shaun is truly a wonderful dad, and I am honored to share the job with him.

A dear friend said to us shortly after Hayden’s birth, “I’m so glad the three of you found each other.” What a great truth. No one in our family is connected genetically, but fate and love brought us all together. No one was simply born into our clan. Our family is intentional; it was built on purpose.

Hayden’s wonderful birthmother loves him dearly. She knew she wasn’t in a place in her life to provide the best for him, so made the hard decision to find his ideal forever-family. She wasn’t looking for perfection; it just had to feel right. She found our profile online, and decided to reach out. Those first phone conversations were anxiety producing for all of us. But as we got to know each other over the following weeks, it all felt right.

When Hayden came into this world in October of 2014, he wasn’t breathing for the first 4 minutes. As we huddled in the corner of the delivery room, in terrified tears, that’s when it was obvious that he was our son in our heart of hearts. The love, fear, and connection were palpable. Once he started breathing, we all held him and each other. Hayden’s birthmother said that when she saw us together, she knew that she had made the right decision. It was clear that we were a family.

We own a wonderful home (complete with a playground and a white picket fence) in a small community just south of San Francisco. In a sleepy town, nestled at the foot of San Bruno Mountain, we enjoy the best of both worlds: small town charm, set within the lively Bay Area. We specifically moved here from the city of San Francisco, as it is a great place to raise a family. It has many other children and families, it’s own school district, and everyone seems to know everyone else.

The San Francisco Bay Area is a vibrant and diverse region with amazing access to beaches and parks. We’ll love boating with our kids in Golden Gate Park, playing catch at Ocean Beach, and hiking in the beautiful headlands across the Golden Gate Bridge. The Bay Area’s proximity to everything is pretty great too. Within a very short drive, we can be skiing in the mountains, hiking in the redwoods, in wine country, or running on the beach.

We are very lucky to come from large, loving, and supportive families. All of our nieces and nephews can’t wait for a new baby cousin to join the family. Shaun’s family lives in Michigan, and we visit a few times each year. Shaun’s folks really are such wonderful grandparents, and are very skilled at supporting all of their kids and grandkids.

Kurt’s family is in the San Francisco Bay Area, and his mother is looking forward to another grandchild to spoil with gifts and love. Kurt’s parents have been outstanding, helping out with childcare when needed. Having family nearby is such a benefit with little ones.

Hayden is a happy, energetic 3-year-old, who can’t wait to have a little sibling. Incredibly nurturing and loving, he will make a great big brother.

THANK YOU again for taking time to visit.
We have so much more we’d love to share, and learn from you as well. It is our priority to keep you as a vital member of our family, in whatever way makes you most comfortable. Please feel free to give us a call or email!

Kurt, Shaun, and Hayden