Ryan & Lettice

Ryan & Lettice

Hi! We’re Ryan and Lettice and we’re super excited to be on this journey to adoption. We have four little boys (ages 6, 4 and two 2 year olds), three of which we had biologically and one we adopted through LAA. We loved everything about the adoption process (and our son’s birth mother!) so much that we knew we wanted to do it again. So, here we are and we couldn’t be happier about it!

We own an awesome, older home that people naturally gravitate to and always comment on how peaceful and family-oriented it feels. We also have a huge playroom and sweet treehouse that makes us the popular house for all the neighborhood kids.

We have lots of goals in place for ourselves, for us together as a couple and as a family. Some of those goals include; visiting every US National Park (family), being able to do five consecutive strict pull-ups (Lettice), fix up an old home (together as a couple) and live in a foreign country with his family (Ryan).

We are a very close knit, active, fun family. We are also close to our extended families as well and love visiting them and talking to/texting/videoing chatting with them regularly. They all love us and are so excited we are adopting again.

We love children and want to give them a good life full of love, travel, work, fun, family, hobbies, faith, culture, food, learning and more!

We hope that you will consider us and our boys (and all of the rest of our family!) to join with you in creating an even bigger, more loving family!

Much love,
Ryan and Lettice