Robert & Melissa

Dear Birth Mom,

This might be the most challenging letter I have ever written, for how do I write a letter to someone whom I have never met, yet who could give us the greatest gift of a lifetime?

My name is Melissa and my husband’s name is Robert. We are embarking on this journey a bit later in life, so we may not be your typical couple hoping to adopt a child but I hope that as you learn more about us, you will see all of the positives that a mature, stable and loving couple can bring to a child’s life.

First, I am so thrilled that you are reading our profile and I admire your courage and strength in choosing life for you child! You have already shown amazing love to your baby. I also thank you for considering adoption. I cannot imagine how overwhelming and confusing this decision must be, but trust and have faith that you will make the right decision for you and your child.

Robert and I met 15 years ago. We met through work and were very good friends but we did not realize that there was a special spark until years later. We both hate that it took us so long to figure it out, but the good news is that the last six years have been the happiest, most amazing and fulfilling years of our life. The day that we were married was truly the happiest day of our life!

Our life together is busy, special and fun. We have a beautiful Italian style home that we adore. We fell in love with the warmth and charm of the home and it has been fun to add our style and character to it. We were fortunate enough to survive Hurricane Harvey last August so we feel extra safe having survived what we hope was a “once in a lifetime” storm. We share our home with our two Shi Tzu’s…Luci and Sam. Luci is our 14 year old princess and Sam is my 2 year old lovable, “mamma’s boy” who finally won the heart of sweet Luci. Now they are best friends and adorable together. We love hanging out with them at home.

One of Robert’s favorite hobbies is cooking. From grilling steaks and chicken on the grill to making red beans and rice or stuffed pepper on the stove, it is all incredible. I love to entertain so it is a good match and you will find our home filled with family and friends on weekends and most holidays. My two 10-year-old nieces love to come over and play with Luci and Sam and swim in the pool and of course have one of Roberts’s famous hamburgers. It is a summertime delight.

We were both very athletic growing up. I did gymnastics, danced, played tennis and rode horses. Robert played basketball, baseball and tennis. He actually qualified and played in Wimbledon when he was 18 years old. Today, I love to run and work out in the gym. I also do competitive Latin and ballroom dancing several times a week. Robert enjoys playing golf. He plays golf most weekends and he is always practicing to improve. We are both super active together and apart. Robert is also HUGE sports fan. He can give you the latest sports updates at any given time.

We also love to travel. This summer we spent two weeks in Europe. We went to Paris, Italy and London. The most memorable moment of the trip was one evening in Italy when Robert and I discussed adopting a child together. It was a life-changing moment because I knew that if we did not pursue adoption now, our dream of raising a child together and being a family might never come true.

I have always wanted to be a mother and I cannot wait for the opportunity to love, nurture and raise a child. I have always been a fabulous mother to my dogs…I hope that counts. Robert, on the other hand is a father. He has three amazing kids that are all grown and on their own. Watching how incredible he is with his kids has made me love him even more. He has very close relationships with his kids and they just adore him. I am excited to experience parenthood with a man that I not only respect as a person but as a business partner, best friend, husband and father.

We both have had so many experiences in life. All of those experiences, both painful and happy have made us who we are today. To a child’s life, we bring experience, stability, security, patience, love and understanding.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We hope you enjoyed our story and we wish you all of the best in making this very important decision in your life!


Robert & Melissa