Paul & Carrie

Paul & Carrie

Dear Birth Parent,

Your strength and bravery is admirable. We can only imagine the weight of this decision of adoption; the immensity of it is not lost on us. We have seen adoption up close and personal in our own family, so its value and importance mean a great deal to us. We would be honored to provide a loving home for your child.

Our niece and nephew were both adopted by Paul’s brother and sister-in-law through Little Angel Adoptions. They have been welcomed into our family wholeheartedly. We cannot imagine their family looking any differently and we are so grateful to have experienced adoption and to see the tremendous blessing it has been to us personally. We first started talking about our future together when we were dating, and we both felt very strongly that we wanted adoption to be part of how our own family was built. After years of trying to conceive with no success and after many tests, we were finally diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We saw this as the Lord guiding us to choose adoption right away to create our family. Because of our infertility struggles, we are more convinced than ever that every life conceived is a miracle and therefore so precious to us.

We met when we were in college, but we met through our church. We both grew up in Christian families and later decided to personally follow Jesus for ourselves. Our faith is extremely important and it guides every aspect of all our life and every decision we make. We got married over 6 years ago and now we are both college campus missionaries. Though the work we do is very challenging, it is most rewarding. We also love that the work we do is extremely conducive to families. Missionaries with our organization get to have their whole families involved in the ministry. The college students we work with adore the children on our staff team and love them well. We know a child of ours would be so cared for by the students we work with.

As you can imagine from our line of work, education is very important to us. Paul has his BA in Business Administration and Human Resources. Paul loved his study of business. He loves working with people, and learning to lead others well. He is an idea person. He is so creative and always coming up with new solutions to problems. His creativity and ideas are almost always based on serving others around him. He has such a servant’s heart.

Carrie graduated with her BA in Communication Studies, specifically in the area of interpersonal and small group communication. She studied this because of her love for people and her love for investment in deep relationships. She is known as the peacemaker in our family and in our work. She’s even used her degree to help mediate conflict amongst coworkers.

We both studied what we love and we desire to encourage and empower our children to always put their heart into what they love and what they are naturally gifted in, and to not focus on others’ expectations or just meeting the status quo.

Our families are very important to us! Carrie’s immediate family lives in Florida. Carrie’s dad and step-mom live within a couple miles of her brother and sister-in-law who are pregnant with their first child. We usually make an annual trip to Florida, and they generally make a yearly trip out to us. We are so excited to have a child at a similar age as their cousin. Carrie’s entire family, immediate and extended, are thrilled that we’re adopting; they have been incredibly supportive and are anxiously awaiting welcoming another child into the family.

Paul’s family is also incredibly supportive, especially since they have been through this process before. We live in the same city as Paul’s parents, but his oldest brother is a pastor in Arizona with his family, and his middle brother is a pastor in Michigan. Though we are not all close in proximity, it is a long standing tradition to go on family vacations to Disneyland. Paul’s parents are looking forward to spoiling another grandchild with all things Disney. They are especially looking forward to having a grandchild so close to home.

We also have a very close knit community of friends surrounding us of all different ages, ethnicity, and life stage. We are thankful for the wisdom we have in our friends and for their unending support of us through all of life’s ups and downs. Last year Paul was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an autoimmune disease that causes intestinal inflammation. He now manages his condition with biweekly shots that he administers himself. Soon after the diagnosis, doctors also discovered cancer in his small intestine due to the chronic inflammation he had been suffering. By the grace of God, Paul has completed chemotherapy and is cancer free! His doctors are very confident in his health from here on out. Our faith, our friends, and our family have been a constant encouragement and support.

We are certain, because of all of this, we are equipped to be parents to a precious child. Thank you for considering us for your child’s adoptive parents. We promise to love and raise him or her as our very own. If you’d like to know more about us we would love to speak with you. You may contact us through Little Angel Adoptions: 1-888-281-8948. We are praying for you as you make this decision; we know whatever decision you make will be the right one.


Paul & Carrie