Our Team

about Little Angels Adoptions

Jennifer Shimabukuro, Facilitator and Owner

After many years of fertility treatments, miscarriages and grief, my husband and I welcomed our son – now a teenager – to our family through the miracle of adoption.  He is energetic, joyful and strong. He definitely keeps us on our toes, and we know he was meant for our family, and we were meant for him. I am grateful beyond words to his first mother. She chose to give him life, she chose to make an adoption plan for him so he could have a life that she desired but could not provide for him.  I am grateful for the trust she had in us, and we honor her. Every time I work with a woman that is considering adoption for her baby, I think about my son’s first mother. As the leader of the Little Angel’s team, I strive to bring humility and graciousness to our adoption services.

Dawn Barry, Adoption Coordinator

Hi! My name is Dawn. I’m the adoption coordinator, and I have been with Little Angel Adoptions since 2009.

I began working part time which lead into a full-time position. My husband I adopted our son Austin. His birth mother had been a friend of mine for many years and when she asked us to adopt him, we were overjoyed. He is the best thing to ever happen to us. He brings so much joy and happiness to our lives and our families.

I work with our adoptive parents and our birth mothers from the matching process all the way to the finalization of their adoption.

I really love what I do, and I enjoy helping families build their family through adoption.

Khimm Journagan, Adoption Coordinator

Khimm Journagan has been with Little Angel Adoptions since 2007, after experiencing the adoption process firsthand. In her own words:

My adoption journey started many years ago when my 13-year-old goddaughter came to live with us. Fast forward 20 years, when my husband and I made a life-changing decision to adopt our next child through Little Angel Adoptions in 2007. Our lives were filled with joy when our handsome baby boy was born and placed in our loving arms. Each day I thank God for this incredible young man, who has graced our life with happiness, along with his selfless birth parents that gave us this gift of love.

When you adopt a child, it can be a very emotional experience–overwhelming, frightening and very rewarding, all at the same time. After my son’s adoption, I made a promise to myself that I would do everything I could to help other adoptive families in need by sharing my experiences.  I was lucky to have that dream come true when LAA asked me to help with prospective adoptive parents when my son was 6 months old. I never imagined it would change my life as much as it has. 

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of families with their adoption journey. I’m blessed to have stayed close to many of those families and had the privilege to watch the children grow.  

At LAA, I help prospective families through the beginning steps of the adoptive process, along with prospective birth mothers through the process of discovering the perfect family for their child.

We love our jobs and will treat our relationships with you with love and care.