Dear Birth Parent,

Hi, my name is Jenny. Thank you so much for considering me to share in your child’s life. The decisions you are making are not easy, and you have my heartfelt gratitude for undertaking this difficult and emotional journey.

Why do I want to be a mom?

I have wanted to be a mother since I can remember. I love seeing the world through a child’s eyes. It has an amazing experience watching the children in my life develop into their own unique people and supporting them as they choose their paths to happiness, and I am excited to have the opportunity to be there in this way as a mother. When I think about starting my family, adoption seemed like the natural choice –many of my friends and family are adopted (4 cousins and one of my closest friends)!

What am I like?

I would say that I have an adventurous soul with a deep love for my family and circle of close-knit friends. I grew up in a small town in Ohio, with two parents and a younger sister, going to church on Sundays and spending my summers swimming in the little neighborhood lake from morning to dusk. I stayed in the Midwest for a long time – going to college in Indiana and then living in Chicago for over 10 years working and finishing my Masters degree in business. While my family and I live in N. California now, I consider my Midwest roots strong, and the values of hard work, family, and community embedded into my DNA.

I think it is this strong grounding, and unconditional love and support by my parents that gave me the confidence to explore and try new things. That, and they have a bit of an adventurous streak as well – they love to travel and exposed my sister and I to other places and cultures early on, something I would like to do as a parent as well. So, when I had the opportunity in 2011 to move to London for a couple of years, I took it! And, I think my family may have been even more excited for me than I was, even though it meant moving halfway around the world from them.

When I came back to the states, I knew I was nearly ready to start a family. But, I was living in Boston, the opposite side of the country from where my family now lived. Being single. I knew I wanted my family’s support to raise a child, and as importantly, I wanted them to be a daily part of my child’s life.

So I spent the next several years moving my way across the country, getting closer and closer to them and to being ready to be a mom. I lived in Cleveland, Las Vegas, and then finally the Sacramento area – where I now have a great job with a large local health care company. I work in the strategy group helping to make health care better. My company is very family-friendly, and I have flexibility to be at home (or school events) during the day.

I own my home just five minutes from my parents and my sister and her husband – all who are very excited about adding a new member to our family! My sister is trying to start her family, so hopefully soon there will be a little cousin close by to play with as well. My house is in a quiet neighborhood with a park with a playground, lots of kids, and my backyard has large trees and a swimming pool to cool off in during the hot summers. My street is a very close knit group, we have ice cream socials and holiday parties. And I have a big furry dog named Stuey who I love dearly! I’ve had Stuey for nine years, he loves kids and really loves walks – mostly so he can get petted by all of the neighbors (he has no shame – no matter where I live, everyone knows Stuey because he is always going up to neighbors to say hi and get an ear scratch)!

What kind of parent will I be?

I will do everything I can to give your child a strong foundation – one filled with love and cuddles, hugs and silliness. As my parents did, I hope to pass along a desire to learn about the world and people different from them, to try to new things – even if he or she may not be good at it! I believe it is about the journey, not the destination.

Education is important to me as well. There are top school in my neighborhood, and I will be there every night to help with homework. But, I also learned something when I studied early childhood education in college and worked with you children that has always stayed with me– It is not how smart is the child, it is how is the child smart?

In other words, it is not always about having the highest IQ or grades, but it is about understanding what makes this child so special, so unique – and then supporting and nurturing him or her so they can be their best selves and be happy. This is what I will live every day as a mom. To me, being a great mom means I am creating a world where this child grows up loved and confident and with as many opportunities as possible to help him or her find their happiness.

Thank you so much again for considering me. I look forward to starting the best and most important adventure of my life – that of being a mom.



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