Jennifer & Michael

Jennifer & Michael

Dear Birthparent,

Hi, we are Mike and Jen. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and getting to know us a little better.

We are so very grateful and honored that you are considering us to receive such an amazing blessing. The gift of a child is a priceless and selfless offering. We understand that the decision that you have made is an extremely difficult one, and our hearts go out to you knowing how hard it must be.

We would like to share with you a little about us. We met through mutual friends at a nearby lake on New Years Eve over five years ago. We immediately liked each other and became good friends as we had a lot of similar interests. We talked about children within the first two weeks of knowing each other and both were very sure that we wanted children. After two years or so of dating, we moved in together and got engaged and eventually married. It has been a long journey for the time to be right for both of us to start a family. We are late bloomers in that sense, but have had the time to do everything we have wanted to do so far. A lot of time with friends, focusing on our careers, getting settled and married, buying a house, having pets, traveling the world and having many different experiences. We have also been through the long difficult road of infertility, and being unable to have a baby of our own. It may not be the way we may have initially chosen, but we now feel very grateful for the opportunity to adopt a baby All of this has made us stronger and even more ready to devote all of our time and our hearts to raising a child. In many ways we are more prepared now to provide your wonderful child with everything he or she needs to grow and thrive and reach his or her highest potential. We are so excited for this next stage of life, and to be able to experience it together and share our love with a little one.

Jennifer loves playing with children so very much and always gravitates to any of the children whenever at social and family gatherings. She is very close with her family, and has always wanted to be a Mom and give her parents grandchildren. She is a natural giver, and caretaker, but is also personally driven. She has her Master of Science degree and has chosen healthcare as her career path. She has a passion for seeing what she finds interesting places in the world and has been to many different countries. She also loves music and has learned guitar and drums and at times enjoyed playing music with friends, and hopes to pass that fun along to a kiddo. Jennifer has always been athletic and loves to hike, run, swim and do yoga. She is healthy except that she has endometriosis which has made it impossible to have biological children.

Mike is a generous, outgoing, and kind person who gets along well with everyone. He spent over eight years in the Navy and has been to over twenty countries as well. The service taught him respect and leadership and positive discipline. He is very good with children and has been working with boys with behavioral and developmental problems for over two years. He is a caring mentor to the teenagers and knows how important it is that these children have support and understanding. He is also involved in Sports therapy, is very athletic, and enjoyed coaching volleyball for many years. He will totally love being on the sidelines of kids sports games, or even coaching the team. He is very excited about fatherhood, just talking about it lights him up! If you could see him with his nieces, you would know instantly that he will be a great father.

We also own a health clinic in the healing field serving our community with natural medicine and nutrition and find our work very fulfilling and rewarding. We have a lot of fun, support and love with friends, family and community. We love nature, and live near the river in a mountainous area in the foothills of the Sierra mountains in Northern California We love to hike and run with our dogs or just spend the day swimming at the lake or river with a picnic. We love to talk about bringing a little with us to our favorite little places and like to imagine what we want to teach him or her, or kid around about who will do what. We have a very cozy home that we have renovated to really love and enjoy, in a safe, friendly neighborhood. We both love cooking and often take walks in the evening after dinner with our dogs, and one day hope to push a baby stroller with us. We both love to travel and our desire is to share future adventures with a child so they can experience the world and know whats out there for them.

We love each other with all our hearts and can’t wait to share what we have with a baby. We hope to expose a child to as many possibilities and opportunities that we can, and promise you that your baby will grow up in a loving and happy home.

We believe the right situation will present itself when the timing is right, and so we trust in the process. If you would like to know more about us, or get to know us better, please contact Little Angels at at 888-281-8948. We thank you again for your consideration.


Our deepest gratitude,

Mike and Jen