Dwayne & Angela

Dwayne & Angela

Dear Birth Parent,

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for considering us for this precious gift of life and love.  We know this has to be an extremely difficult decision to make.

We would like to tell you a little bit about us and our home.  My husband and I have been a couple for 19 years, happily married 17 years.  I was blessed to meet my best friend and fall in love.  We have longed for a child for 17 years.  We have struggled to have a child on our own and with the help of fertility drugs, shots and invitro-fertilization and were unable to conceive after multiple attempts.

We have so much love, time and devotion to give to a child.  Dwayne and I live in a quiet country neighborhood on a four acre lot.  Angela’s family lives within ¼ mile from us.  We can look outside our windows and see Angela’s parents’ and grandparent’s homes.  They will also love and support our child in all the ways as only a grandparent can.  We have a Yorkie Shitzu dog named Willie, hermit crab named Hermie and a pony named Flicka who grazes on our land. There would not be any shortage of pets for any child!

We live in a three bedrooms, two bath three year old house with gray siding, maroon shutters and white trim.  There is a big front and back porch with swings, wind chimes, bird feeders and bird houses.  Our hometown is a very quiet, friendly place to live and raise a family.  Everyone that goes by knows us and will wave, saying hello.

Angela is a licensed practical nurse and loves helping and taking care of others.  Dwayne works for a government power plant and is a very loving, friendly, outgoing person that makes friends with everyone.   He has the biggest heart and will be a wonderful father.

Everyone in both our families will be so thrilled to have a child to hold and love.  We both have very close knit families and love any reason to have a gathering.  We have many celebrations during the holidays  with Angela’s parents and grandparents homes along with Dwayne’s parent’s home to have adequate time to visit with each and every one.  Our baby will be fortunate enough to have the gift of a great, great, great grandma to meet who is excited to get to meet the newest member of our family.

We are in a stable loving relationship.  We are financially stable and have so much love to offer a child.  We have put so much prayer and thought in this decision to adopt and know god has put us on this adoption journey to create a who loving family.

If you would like to learn more about us please contact Little Angel Adoption at (888) 281 -8948.


Dwayne and Angela