Devin & Catherine

Dear Birth Mom,

Devin and I are so very happy to welcome your child into our family. We offer to you for your baby a home that is safe and full of laughter and love. Your baby will live in a lovely home on a quiet street with pool and a dog and a big brother and big sister.

Devin will teach your child to cheer for the Fighting Texas Aggies, which is where he went to college, and to be strong and to follow Jesus. He will teach your baby to play soccer and to play chess, too. He is a great father and will teach your child to fish and hunt. Also, Devin is half-Honduran and will teach your baby to appreciate great Honduran food and drinks.

Catherine loves being a mama and will welcome your baby into a home full of fresh cookies and lots of kisses. She will teach your child to cheer for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and to love animals. She will teach your child how to pray and how to swim and to be honest and strong. She will teach your baby how to bake bread and how to read and how to play piano. But, most of all, she will keep your baby safe and dry your baby’s tears and love your baby with all of her love.

Please consider placing your baby in our home, dear Birth mom. We are praying for you and we are cheering for you. We look forward to hearing that you have chosen us to welcome your baby.

With affection,

Devin and Catherine