Brett & Annelise

Brett & Annelise

Dear Birthparent,

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter; we’re honored to tell you a bit about ourselves!  We live in Northern Nevada with our golden retriever, Dexter.  We met in high school and began dating in college, about 13 years ago.  This fall, we’ll celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary!  We live in a nice home in a middle-class, suburban neighborhood, close to stores, restaurants, parks and schools.  We love letting our dog explore on a nearby trail with a beautiful view of the mountains.

Annelise works three days a week as an occupational therapist with young children and Brett works full-time as a software engineer.  We both have master’s degrees, and strongly believe in education whether technical or academic.  Annelise will continue to work part-time after bringing our child home and looks forward to exploring play groups and going to the park with our little one on week days off.  Our extended families live nearby and we see them on a regular basis — raising a child is a big adventure and responsibility and we’re thankful to have family close by!  We especially enjoy spending time with our nephews, Eli and Bridger, who just turned  1 and 3. They will be great playmates for a child we adopt!

In our free time, we enjoy hanging out with family and friends at a nearby lake, playing with our dog, going cross-country skiing, cooking, and traveling.  Annelise also enjoys reading, gardening and decorating our home, while Brett likes to spend his time at home playing board games, watching soccer and building things in the garage.  We can’t wait to explore new adventures and activities with our son or daughter!

Since we began dating, we’ve known that we would love to be parents.  While we didn’t expect to struggle to bring children into our home, we are very excited at the possibility of raising a child through adoption.  Both of our extended families are supportive of our plans to adopt and we all are ready to welcome a child into our family!  We have a sunny bedroom ready for a little one to enjoy and our backyard will be a great spot for him or her to run and explore!

Both of us value family, education, respect, and open communication.  We plan to talk openly about adoption with our child from the very beginning and have been reading up on how to make adoption a success!  We’re happy to share updates with birthparents and plan to have open, supportive conversations with our child about their adoption.  We so appreciate you taking the time to learn about us and wish you the best as your make this difficult and important decision!

If you are interested in learning more or speaking with us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at 1-888-281-8948.



Brett & Annelise