Bret & Stephanie

Bret & Stephanie

Dear Birth Parents,

Hi, we are Bret and Stephanie out of Texas.  We have been married for going on 4 years now and could not imagine our lives without the other.  We both worked for the same company and that is where our relationship started.  New Year’s Eve Bret stopped by to wish everyone a happy holiday and ended up spending several hours there talking with me.  While we did not go on our first date for two days we did spend the whole-time texting and spent time with each other where we could in-between work.  After our first date we did not want to spend a day apart after that night.  By the end of the month we were engaged and by the next week we were married and have not looked back.

Bret came into our marriage with two daughters from his first marriage and we could not imagine our world without them but find that we would like to add to our family and have a child that is ours to raise.  With that being said, due to medical reasons, I lost my ability to have children so we have made the choice of adoption to be the answer to our desire to expand our family.

I cannot express how thankful we are that you are considering us to raise your baby.  While there is no way we can understand how hard this decision was for you to make, we can understand that it comes from a place of love and wanting the best for your baby which is where we can both agree as we want to give your baby a home full of love and to give them the best we can.

We believe that our kids should be involved in our daily life in every way from cooking to going out to visit friends and family.  We like to have them with us and involved in as many things as we can.  We are not the type of family that likes to leave them home with a babysitter while we have time alone as we feel they should be out with us if we are going to go out.

My parents live in Utah and we make it a point to drive up and visit as often as we can.  Both our girls are very close with their grandparents and love our trips up there to see them.  With Chelsea being in college now, unfortunately she does not get to go as often now but does stay in contact with them over the phone and on Facebook.  Chloe, our youngest, makes the most out of our trips up there to see her grandma and runs her ragged the whole time as she has a list a mile long of all the things she wants to do while we are there from camping, fishing, horseback riding, sewing, baking, playing with her dog that she clams is her BFF and her twin as well as trips to the zoo and her list goes on and on.  Grandma Susan is almost, if not more, excited for the visits as the girls are when we go up and the planning for their adventures starts months in advance.  The family also has a great sense of humor in that even my Uncle Kim teased Chloe for weeks before she got there that he was going to paint pink polka-dots on my mom’s dog before she got there and ensured that he did right before she arrived starting the teasing war between them from the moment she walked in the door.

Teasing and fun is a way of life for our family there is always some running joke going on or somebody that is giving someone a hard time ensuring that there is always laughter around our home.  Chloe loves to remind her dad about the day he tried to help her make brownies when she was first learning to cook and he ended up getting brownie batter all over the ceiling in the kitchen as well as themselves instead of keeping it in the bowl and now tells him how she is a better cook than him because she can keep the batter in the bowl and not on the ceiling.  She also loves to jump around corners and scare me whenever she can catch me off guard and get the better of me.

To tell you a little about our home we live in a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home in a quite gated community.  Your baby would have their own room as we are already making the room into a nursery in anticipation of their arrival.  As our oldest daughter is off at college there is no need for anyone to share a room and our youngest has the other bedroom.  We have two small inside dogs that are very spoiled and act more like kids then they do pets.

In anticipation of having a new baby at home, I am now a stay at home mom to ensure I will be here to take care of the baby and make sure they adjust to their new environment as easily as possible while being able to give them the love and attention a baby needs.  Bret will continue to work to ensure the family is taken care of and we have everything we need on a financial side.  Both of us also have an extended family that are excited to have a new baby and will be very involved and supportive as they have been of all the kids in the family.

I hope that this helps ease your mind about the type of home your baby would be going to if you were to allow us to adopt your baby.  Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and for considering us in this process. To learn more about us, please contact Little Angel Adoptions at 888-281-8948.



Bret & Stephanie