about Little Angels Adoptions

Jim, Deb and Savannah Handy Our beginning…

Deb had a vivid dream of a little blond girl standing at the end of her bed. After talking with Jim, they knew they could not give up on finding her. They had spent a lot of money on infertility procedures that did not work. They were devastated. They still were driven to find the Angel of their dreams. They turned to adoption. When we spoke of adoption, it just felt right for us. It was warm and fuzzy compared to all the medical procedures we had been through. After contacting many adoption professionals, we started down the adoption path.

We matched with our Birth Mother after 9 months of searching. It was a match made in heaven. We spoke with our Birth Mother for 3 months on the phone and visited her several times before our baby was born. We have an open relationship with her, but the decision on how much contact you wish to have in an adoption can only be made when you meet each other.

When Savannah was born, we were all there to hold and share a beautiful life coming into this world! Her birth was so beautiful because of all the love you could feel from all of our families. Our Birth Mother’s dad and our son were getting sodas for everyone. Our older daughter and our Birth Mother’s 3 year old daughter were hanging together at the hospital! All the nurses thought Deb was her sister because of how much they look alike…but also because of their relationship.

Jim & Deb Handy have been married for 23 years. Their children are Brooke 30, Dustin 26, and Savannah 14. Currently, Jim has successfully completed adoptions in 46 states. Adoption adopted our Family! When Jim and Deb adopted Savannah, they felt there was a need for affordable legal services from people who cared! It means so much when going through an adoption to be able to speak to someone who understands adoption from a personal standpoint. We put ourselves in your shoes because we have been there. Deb works closely with the birth mothers, so With Jim’s legal side and Deb’s love for children and hand-holding, they make a great team and enjoy what they are accomplishing together. Building families through adoption is our passion.